Tips for the Netherlands Visa orientation year (zoekjaar visa) For Indonesian and everyone! Pengalaman apply zoekjaar visa Indonesia

Hi guys,

Its been a while I havent write some journals! This is it πŸ™‚

zoekjaar or Orientation Year Visa is for people who want to look for a job in the Netherlands, this is a visa that gives recent graduates (up to 3 years after graduation to find a job in the Netherlands)

These tips are long overdue and I hope this will be useful for everyone out there (especially Indonesian) who wants to work/find a job in the Netherlands)

There is one specific thing that you need to have, it is a diploma (masters/PhD) from the top 200 universities in the world based on the qs ranking. I will give the link here

Or you graduated from universities in the Netherlands (Bachelor/Masters/PhD)!

This visa is valid for 1 year πŸ™‚

It is quite an expensive Visa, I must say, all things included, approx is about 500-700 euros (need to double-check again)

Things to prepare:

1. A diploma as I mentioned earlier, no matter where the UNI is from, all documents must be in English or Dutch (sworn translation)

If it is a masters degree, you need to present your bachelor degree as well. (Also translation) (and need to be verified by the dutch education ministry) for both certificates/diplomas.

2. IELTS / TOEFL (I used my old one because I used to study in England)

3. Passport

These tips will be mainly for the people who obtained degree abroad (outside Netherlands)

Step by step:

1. Go to the nearest the dutch embassy / make an appointment for MVV,

bring the copy of your diploma, and your passport (copy and original) front and back all of them (back page where there is your signature) and then your name will be called. After this you fill in this document from the consular, you will be given a tracking card.

Please make sure your email is correct.

2. The immigration people will contact you via email whether your application is approved or not. ( this is the amazing thing about this visa, you do not need to pay anything until it is approved)

Mine takes more than 2 months.

After that the next step begin:

3. The email from the immigration officer will most likely saying you need to pay for the visa and also the “recognised diploma” meaning you need to get your diploma to be recognised in dutch education system.

This will take time, so make sure you reply the email and will do it ASAP and will get back to them once you got the recognised diploma.

(you need to pay first and scan the proof, and also tell them the documents are being processed)

How to do this?

In the email, it will be stated which website to go and how to do it.

It is very simple.

3.1 the diploma all in English including all the subjects reports credits and GPA.

If it is a masters degree that you want be recognized, please make sure that all your diploma bachelor and masters and credits GPA are all in English.

3.2 your passport (front and back) with your signature on it.

3.3 IELTS/TOEFL (need to be confirmed)

3.4 form to fill in, to recognized the diploma

And then you will need to make sure all in PDF and send it via email. (Make sure your address is correct)

You will get a reply within 5 days, if you don’t receive it, please call them.

Once you received the email, it will state that you need to pay, and also if there are some missing documents they will state it as well.

Once you paid and completed all the documents. They will give you an email as well, mentioning you completed all the documents and thank you for the payment.

They will send the hard copy to your house. it takes 2-4 weeks to arrive so please be patient.

Once you received it, you will need to scan it and send it via email to the immigration officer. You will get a reply, its all completed and in my case, they will ask when would you like to start your residence permit (I decided a specific date) and then they will continue doing so.

Last steps, getting the MVV, it is only a sticker, just like a normal visa, and you will receive it in the embassy. ( after you completed everything, they will call/email notifying you about this)

Now the next step before coming to the Netherlands, I will put this in Indonesian, because I only did it in Indonesia.

  1. Birth Certificate. (in english) if you have the latest version you do not need to translate it again. You only need to legalize them in 3 steps.
  2. 1st steps adalah legalisir di kemenkumham. Tinggal daftar di, bayar, dan besoknya tinggal ke loket legalisasi Kemenkumham di Gedung CIK’s di kawasan Cikini. Cepet banget.
  3. 2nd steps Legalisir kemenlu,Β Β lewat APP di sini, download di playstore “legalisasi dokumen” Kemenlu di jalan pejambon.
  4. Β 3rd steps legalisir di Kedubes Belanda.

Ini dokumen penting untuk di bawa ke Belanda.

Sampe di Belanda, make sure to make an appointment to get your residence card.
You need to make an appointment weeks ahead before you come. This is when you already have taken your fingerprint and face biometric in your respective countries.
If you haven’t done that, please make an appointment for biometrics.

You can plan both accordingly, give a space between 2-3 weeks from biometric to receiving your residence card.

I think thats pretty much all.

I hope this article will help and please let me know if you need anything else.

You can email me or DM me in Instagram for questions. It is all in the blog πŸ™‚

Good luck!


Sorry It’s been a while

Last weekend I was in Prague, just for a night. It was quite an adventure you see, I woke up early on Sunday just to be there early as well. ( It’s 4 hours train just so you know)

I had a task from my boss to send a bike to Prague on the the day before which was Saturday.

On Sunday, I woke up early and I did take the bike and got to the station on time, and bought the ticket.

I waited at the platform 9 ABC, I was wishing it was 9 3/4 you know that magical platform πŸ™‚

Once I wanted to get in, the guard asked me, your ticket please, and I showed it to him, and he asked where is the bike ticket? oh lala, I did not know that I have to buy one 😦

So I need to buy the ticket again for the bike, and obviously I missed the train, and I have to wait for the next train. Once I bought the ticket, they told me that I have for the NEXT NEXT train, which in 4 hours! 😦

So i have been waiting like forever!!! 😦

While waiting in i was hungry and was thinking about eating in McDonald’s! And of course i parked my bike in the parking space! It was pretty packed, so i waited 10min to park my bike.

I was tired and ordered some chickens and relaxed a bit for a while. It was good and i opened my laptop and watched a movie.

After i finished and it was time to board i needed to get the bike.

I went to the parking place, and guess what? The bike was GONE!

It was super crazy and stressful:( it was a gps system so i looked at my app which one was the closest one, and after a while i found the location but it wasn’t there. I was panicked and found the bike just after i went around the building. It was insane!!!!!!

What a day. Got back to the station and got it the train after all those struggle 😦

After a few hours arrived in prague, and the subway could not support my bike because its so deep underground! No lift! Unbelievable:( so i opt out to take the escalator, it was sooo high! I was thinking i might be dead if i dropped the bike 😦

It was ok πŸ™‚ so i am alright!

So from the nearest station i biked to the hotel πŸ™‚ and found it. Dinner was a bit phew! One racist restaurant was actually saying go away you asian, we are closed!

So much stories for a day! Super dead tired! πŸ˜‰

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Early morning, I had to be in the warehouse, they are going to deploy it to the city. Again I was the only one that is assigned this task. I guess Im too good with bikes πŸ˜› I made sure everything ran well and double check everything as usual and that was my day on a sunday! Super dead tired. From make sure the red light is on, check whether the bike is good enough to ride and so much more. Double checking the locks too πŸ™‚ Those bikes are my babies, I know them inside out πŸ™‚ I went home for dinner and wanted to eat korean so badly. BUT I could not do it, the restaurant did not open 😦 so I went to the chinese restaurant, and ordered dak galbi, It was horrible!!!! too salty 😦


MONDAY Another Warehouse Day


I had to be in the warehouse in the afternoon at 1 pm, but before that, I need to buy something, which was okay, and I arrived at the warehouse on time and started to attached the board to the basket, quite tough. After a long time, someone called asking a favour, I was super happy to accept it as long as I can help. I did have the time at the moment, but some dramas happened, it was blahh… lol I went home for dinner, the korean restaurant opened, I was super happy to get to eat bibimbap. I was super excited, and had a full stomach while talking to someone! That was nice. I went home to continue to work and finished the work for the day. πŸ™‚


Saturday slightly quiet day

I spent the day at home, you know thinking about lots of stuff. Whether its worth it or not πŸ˜›

The other guy needed to give me the keys, so I told him to meet me in the city in the evening and it was quite late. I was about to meet a friend to hangout, and we went to museum quartier, it was closed so I asked him to come to museum quartier and gave me the key, instead we also needed to take the bikes to the other place 😦 and my friend waited in the cathedral until I go back and had a very LATE dinner cool coaster. What a saturday night!


Friday big #day #launching


The #Launch day!

It was an early day, I woke up and dressed myself went to the hotel for the venue, had breakfast in the hotel of course and ready to go.

Suddenly my boss asked me to wipe the |object| and told me, you will need to announce your competition prize. So yes, I wiped the bikes, and make them clean, the other boss was a bit upset, and said hey, don’t do it again, its so weird doing that now. Then I stopped and I went to inside to announce the social media competition. It was funny, people laughed and they were excited about the prize.

I was happy Β explaining to them, and then after it all finished the first word Β from my boss was, hey you talked too much detail, people hesitated to write and they were bla bla, well it was the older generation in the front line felt about it because they are not into social media. But the rest, they are happy, and so welcoming about the prize. I was upset. After I worked so hard, yet again he showed some unsatisfied reaction. After that I poured my heart out with someone, that was good, we had japanese dinner. It was ok πŸ™‚ I am not very impressed. All they talk were work work work πŸ˜›

We also went to this fancy dessert place, not my kinda place lol It was really good! The drinks and dessert, we rode a bike to that place, close to hyatt hotel.

Then we went home πŸ™‚

Thursday #Happy DAY

I went shopping (finnaaalllyy)! It was an outlet! The outlet has a big sale, so went there and waited in line like crazy! I snatched some good stuff πŸ™‚ So it was a success! YAY!

Got a few stuffs that I believe will be worth it πŸ˜› Then on the way home, I need to work on translation because there was small mistranslation from the app, had to be finished by TODAY, and I did it, ate some ramen and went back to the office just to pick people up to go to the warehouse, we went there with this amazing Mercedez E-class and I just felt I was flying, it was incredible, we went to the warehouse to prepare the bikes that are leaving tomorrow and we did.

We went back to the city and had dinner on a steak place. It was not good (at least my food), after dinner we went back to the warehouse and waited for the truck to pick it to the hotel πŸ™‚ and then went back to the hotel, and double checked everything. πŸ™‚